Meat maturation is a particular process that transforms fresh meat, increasing its shelf life, taste and degree of tenderness.

This transformation makes meat more edible, easier to digest and concentrates the flavor.

In order to mature, the meat needs time and rest in an environment where humidity and temperature can not only be monitored … but also managed.


During this period biochemical processes take place modifying the structure of the meat, enhancing it and increasing its flavor, increasing the sensory perception for the consumer.



In the process of meat maturation and conservation, temperature is essential for the enzymatic processes to be triggered correctly. By only monitoring temperature, without correct management, can compromise the entire meat transformation process.


Is responsible for the microbiological status of meat. Measuring it is not enough. It should be managed, measured, corrected and triggered.


Proper ventilation and recirculation of the air inside the system is necessary to avoid the formation of pathogenic micro-organisms on the meat, as well as preventing mold proliferation. It also encourages better organoleptic results, favoring a more uniform meat transformation process.



The Method of Natural Maturation and Conservation, and Patented Microclimate System, is contained within patent no.1395586 Climatouch®.

The patented Cuomo Method® makes it possible to monitor the physical and chemical state of the meat during the transformation process (bacterial alterations, acidification, Ph). It is a control method for the management and transformation of food, in a closed, fixed or mobile environment. It allows for the increase in shelf life of dedicated foods in accordance with all the regulations in force on food safety, in a natural way and without the need for artificial preservatives.

Thanks to the application of this patented method in part, Primeat® is the only conservation system in the world able to guarantee a product that is safe, legal and valued and conserved. It enhances the nutrient and organoleptic properties of meat.